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We develop and produce standard cardboard boxes & individual packaging
for industrial and commercial customers.
ESD Karton

Welcome to Froeb Packaging

Since 1912, we have been developing and producing packaging for storing and shipping products. The focus of our work is to find environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional packaging and storage materials. Waste paper therefore plays an essential role in the manufacture of our standard cardboard boxes, but also in the production of individual product packaging. Our wet embossed wrapping papers are made from 100% recovered paper, offering an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic packaging materials. We use only water-based inks for printing our packaging.

Our company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and 14001.

In addition, we design ESD packaging. This antistatic packaging makes it possible to protect electrical and electronic components from electrostatic discharges. We use different materials that are adapted to the specific area of application and the product requirements. Here, too, the focus is on the sustainable use of resources.

We also produce compartments made of solid and corrugated cardboard. These packing compartments enable optimal utilisation of storage and shipping space, as a high number of products can be packed quickly and in a space-saving manner.

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Our standard packaging are:

Verpackungen schnell aufgebaut


Our standard packaging can be delivered quickly and reliably from the factory, even in large quantities.
sicheres Verpacken Packpapier


With our embossed wrapping paper, their products can be safely stored and shipped even in standard packaging.


In the production of our cardboard boxes and shipping packaging, we use waste paper to close the recycling loop.

Our special packaging are:

custom fit

When producing individual packaging, we optimize it for the requirements of your products, storage areas and shipping routes.
personalisierte Verpackungen


With a water-based digital printing, we can personalize packaging for you in an environmentally friendly way and implement your packaging design.


For electrical and electronic components, we develop antistatic packaging made of different materials to protect them from discharges.

NEWESD Packing Paper & ESD Padding Paper

To complete our range of ESD packaging materials, we now also offer ESD paper in two different variants.

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Together we will also find a packaging solution for your products.

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Fully digital & low cost packaging production

Digital printing and cutting of packaging from cardboard sheets makes it possible to produce short runs very cheaply. Neither die-cutting tools nor printing plates need to be manufactured.


  • economical production with low print runs
  • Fast production without long waiting times
  • low-cost production of preliminary runs or test packaging
  • environmentally friendly due to the use of water-based inks

Sample package free of charge

Test your packaging idea or initial packaging with a free sample piece.

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entwicklung und konstruktion von verpackungen

Packaging development and construction

Benefit for new customers

In addition to the production of standard cardboard boxes, which can be used for shipping and storage, or as outer boxes, we also develop and design custom-fit product packaging and individual special packaging. In doing so, we pay attention to ...

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We produce in a resource-saving and environmentally friendly way.

Our sustainable paper production is characterized by 100% recycling of waste paper
and a fully closed water cycle.