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cardboard packaging,
antistatic packaging - ESD, cushioned paper

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Since 1912 we develop and produce packaging. We focus our daily work in finding alternative packaging and storage means made of paper and corrugated basically at a reduced rate than conventional ones. Our kind of paper and corrugated storage means offers you several benefits: easy to carry, space-saving, foldable, less heavy, eco-friendly produced.

Please be inspired by different examples of use here on our Website. Together we will find a fitting packaging solution for you.

Our firm is DIN-certified by DIN ISO 9001 und 14001.

Our standard packaging:


Fast in

Delivery, folding, set-up, utilise, past up and dispatch.


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Actually, there is no drop in our firm. Everything will be recycled.

Special packagings are:

optimized packagings


Optimized for your products, your storage space, your dispatch routes.
Personified packages


So your package will promote you from the very beginning.
ESD packages - Antistatic dissipative


Antistatic dissipative.

Fully digital production of packaging

Digital printing and cutting of packaging from cardboard sheets makes it possible to produce short runs very economically. Neither cutting tools nor printing plates have to be produced.

preisleistung top
economical production with small print runs
kurze Verarbeitungszeiten
fast production without long waiting times
Testverpackungen günstig
inexpensive production of preliminary print runs or test packs
environmentally friendly, by using water-based paints and saving material

NEW:1 Sample for free

Test your packaging idea or initial packaging with a free sample.

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Pre-assembled compartments - Packaging with partitions

Do you need small or large quantities of pre-set compartments? No problem - we can deliver.

plugged compartments
Fan-shaped packaging
Tick on packaging
Large-scale packaging

Together we will also find a packaging solution for you.

We produce in a resource-saving and environmentally friendly way

Our sustainable paper production is characterised by 100% recycling of waste paper and a fully closed water cycle.