Polsterpack - wet embossed wrapping paper for padding

Our cushioning pack, also called protective paper, stuffing paper or crumple paper, is our universal product, which can be used in different areas due to its cushioning properties.

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Polsterpack as an alternative to bubble foil

Our cushion pack protects, cushions and insulates. It also has anti-slip and absorbent properties, making it a cost-effective and practical alternative to many other packaging materials.

Upholstery pack is made from 100% waste paper and thus makes a real contribution to environmental protection. The special wet embossing gives the paper a much higher cushioning effect than it does conventional wrapping paper.

We produce in different grammages (110-300 g/m²) and process Polstepack into rolls, cuts, stamped parts and much more according to your requirements.

Other materials such as rolls of corrugated cardboard, styrofoam or wood are usually significantly more expensive than padding. In addition to the cost factor, you can also reduce the storage volume by 50% with cushion pack compared to rolls of corrugated cardboard.

Possible uses of cushion pack

  • as a protective & cushioning intermediate layer in the porcelain industry
  • as a non-slip & cushioning insert in industry
  • as an absorbent dirt trap in the poultry industry and for cleaning work
  • as darning paper or crumpled paper in shipping departments
  • as drip protection against paint when painting

We would be happy to advise you on the possible uses of Polsterpack in your company.

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 Padding paper for packing soap
Padding paper for packing porcelain
Padding paper for packing bowls
Padding paper for packing tableware
Cushion paper for packing tart pans
Cushion paper for packing over pots
Crumple paper for packing glass vase
Crumple paper for packing preserving jars

Polsterpack is 100% recycled paper

Our cushion pack paper, we call it Polsterpack, is made from 100% waste paper. It is therefore inexpensive to produce and also environmentally friendly. In addition, it can be 100% returned to the recycling cycle.

Polsterpack achieves the goal of the Packaging Act (VerpackG)

The Packaging Act (VerpackG) is intended to create incentives for manufacturers to produce ecologically beneficial and recyclable packaging. But when is packaging ecologically advantageous and which materials are recyclable? And how does this benefit the consumer?

Benefits of the Packaging Act ?

Padding pack as a base on the construction site
thick floor mat
Cushion pack as a painter's pad
Base for glue and paints
Cushion pack hall
Cushion pack small role
Cushion pack  2m-Role