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Have product packaging designed - have shipping boxes personalized

Gestaltung Verpackung

Have packaging designed

In order to market a product in the best possible way, you need not only suitable packaging but also an attractive design of the packaging, which presents the product in the best possible way and achieves recognition value for the manufacturer.

The visual appearance of the packaging plays an important role, which results on the one hand from the shape, structure and the materials used in the packaging, and on the other hand from the creative elements of the packaging design such as colours, images and typography.

Under these aspects, as a manufacturer of packaging, we also offer you the graphic design of product packaging and shipping boxes. In addition to a simple design by personalizing shipping boxes with a company logo and slogan, the design of product packaging is also possible, taking into account a suitable communication design and meaningful communication content. We can also implement an existing packaging design for you.

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Packaging design shoe box
Have packaging designed
Packaging design shoe box
Design product packaging
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Packaging - inside printing

Product packaging also print inside

Internal printing in the manufacture of packaging provides a new opportunity for product presentation, which once again visually enhances the product packaging. With an appealing interior printing of the packaging, an additional surprise effect can be achieved with the customer.


Also a new advertising space or space for product information is created by this extended possibility of the packaging design and improves thus for manufacturers and dealers once again the presentation possibilities of a product. Operating instructions or instruction leaflets no longer have to be produced separately and enclosed with the product, but can be printed directly on the inside of the product packaging.

There is the possibility of printing the entire inner surface of the packaging, or partial printing with individual information or the manufacturer's company logo. When printing on the inside of packaging, attention should be paid to which printing inks are used. When printing our cardboard boxes, we use only water-based printing inks that do not contain solvents. This protects particularly sensitive products or foodstuffs. These should nevertheless be additionally protected by (food-safe) outer packaging.

A special advertising effect is achieved packaging with internal printing also when these are provided with a window, which on the one hand the product and on the other hand also the internal printing of the packaging can be seen.

Innendruck Verpackung
Verpackung innen bedrucken

Packaging with viewing window

Packaging with viewing window

Packaging with a viewing window is suitable for a targeted and authentic product presentation, which makes it possible to present the product directly to the customer and thus positively influence the purchase decision. Through the viewing window in the packaging, the potential customer can directly perceive the look and feel of a product, which is why packaging with a window is particularly suitable for products for which the color or texture of the product are decisive for the purchase.

Packaging with windows is therefore suitable, for example, for products that are sold in different designs and colors. Additional labeling on the packaging can thus be omitted. Packaging with a window is also suitable for the sale of textiles, so that the customer can see the quality of the product for himself. Food packaging with a window enables an appetizing presentation of the product and can show the customer which ingredients have been processed and in which concentration.

Teebox mit Sichtfenster
Cake wrapper with window

Cardboard display stand

Verkaufsstaender Pappe

For the presentation of new products in retail, we produce cardboard sales stands, which can directly draw attention to your product through an attractive packaging design and quickly convey product features and information to the customer. These sales displays or product stands can be produced, printed and assembled by us. We can also take care of equipping the displays with your products so that they can be delivered directly to your customers.