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since 1912 we develop and produce packaging. We focus our daily work in finding alternative packaging and storage means made of paper and corrugated basically at a reduced rate than conventional ones. Our kind of paper and corrugated storage means offers you several benefits: easy to carry, space-saving, foldable, less heavy, eco-friendly produced.

Please be inspired by different examples of use here on our Website. Together we will find a fitting packaging solution for you.

Our firm is DIN-certified by DIN ISO 9001 und 14001.

Our standard packaging:


Fast in

Delivery, folding, set-up, utilise, past up and dispatch.


To make sure your goods arrive safely at your customers.


Actually, there is no drop in our firm. Everything will be recycled.

Special packagings are:



Optimized for your products, your storage space, your dispatch routes.


Antistatic dissipative.


So your package will promote you from the very beginning.

We always manufacture the perfect fitting solution for you - feel free to contact us.

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Antistatic packaging - ESD

Secure, quick and accurately fitting packaging of electronic components

We do not only craft antistatic packaging for you, we even produce the fitting inlay, so your components or lead frames can be packed and shipped both speedy and safe. For space-saving packing of serial conductor boards we offer interlayers supplied with plug and socket foam material. So your serial conductor boards will be «wrapped» safely. For LED-straps or slim conductor boards we offer inlays made of bubble wrap, within which component parts can easily be sticked in. Due to the bubble-wrap’s loop-shape the component parts are pulled to the packaging bottom. Drop outs will be prevented. This kind of packaging’s advantage is extremely fast to wrap.
We are able to manufacture special soft inlays for space-saving packing and transportation of electronic components in antistatic boxes, also with several shelves, for you.

Custom-made storage cartons and compartments

Precisely fitting for storage lifts to make the storage areas as effective as possible. This Type of storage's advantage: It is less expensive than plastic containers coated with carbon fibre.

Electrical components are extremely sensitive to electrical impulses. Normal storage containers could become charged, as with a capacitor. If they discharge via an electrical assembly, this or individual components can be damaged. They must therefore be stored in storage containers that cannot be electrically charged. This is ensured by providing the surface of these storage containers, in our case corrugated boxes, with an electrically conductive grid which dissipates electrical charges.
We always manufacture the perfect fitting solution for you - feel free to contact us.

Digital printing on packaging: Photo quality for small quantities

Do you start with your company or with new products? Do you need packaging with high print quality but short runs? We print it digital.

Packaging with digital printing, example 1
Packaging with digital printing, example 2
Packaging with digital printing, example 3
Digital printing on packaging - favourable for small quantities

We design your packaging

As a manufacturer of packaging, we also offer you the design of packaging. Our team consists of specialists in the field of communication design, who will consult with you about the communication content with the appropriate design and can also implement it. Ask us for more information.

packaging design nature
packaging design coffee
packaging design tee
packaging design events
packaging design business

Polsterpack, our padding paper

Also known as protective or ball paper, is one of our universal products used in numerous companies for varying applications.

Polsterpack protects, pads and isolates your material. It is slip-resistant and absorbent. Polsterpack is the competitive alternative to plenty of packing materials.

Food packaging, food safe corrugated boxes, baking trays

As favourable alternative to aluminum boxes, we offer special food safe corrugated boxes. Resistibly to broil, baking trays are perfect for preparation of cakes and pizzas.

The lifting of pastries out of baking trays is very easy. Dough does not stick. Even pizza can be cutted excellently in a baking tray and culled afterwards. All in all a very useful thing for creative home bakery.

Special-purpose solutions

We craft your personal packaging for any number of materials, compounds and packing parts.

There are unlimited options, like packaging made with hollow bay discs or ready-for-use transport boxes with case slots, vylene coated first-aid splints, foam material boxes and food safe corrugated boxes. To find out how to craft the best packaging solution for you, we recommend to contact us.

Trading of packaging materials

We also help you with finding packaging materials we are not able to produce ourselves. We are happy to make an attractive offer to you.

  • stretch films and unwinder
  • package tape (optional with your advertising print)
  • filling material
  • and a lot more

We work and produce environmentally friendly and gentle to natural resources.

Our paper production is sustainable, stands out due to 100 per cent utilization of recovered paper in a fully-closed water circulation.

TÜV - Siegel


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Blog News
13. Aug 2019

Visit us at SMTconnect trade fair in Nuremberg / Nürnberg, May 5th-7th 2020

Visit us, booth 4-460. We provide your ticket.

ESD-packaging und ESD-corrugated up close and personal:
  • proven solutions
  • new ideas
  • plenty alternatives 
Visit us at SMTconnect trade fair in Nuremberg / Nürnberg, May 5th-7th 2020
13. Jan 2019

Digital printing on packaging: Photo quality also for small quantities

First the packaging, then the product. And so attractive packaging is becoming more and more important, even with lower production figures. Because the first impression also counts here. This applies not only when new products are launched on the market, but also when a product is to be given new attention.

Modern printers can also be used to print packaging in photo quality using the digital printing process. With an appealing design and communication, the packaging of a product already leaves a lasting impression, which also affects the actual product.
The advantages of digital printing:

But it is not only through the use of water-based inks that digital printing can produce ecologically and sustainably. This is because the production of printing plates, as required in offset printing, is completely eliminated. And the printing systems with optimised ink consumption and higher-quality printing inks also make it possible to produce modern packaging in a more environmentally friendly way.
Digital printing on packaging: Photo quality also for small quantities
19. Oct 2018

Froeb presents ESD packaging at the ESD symposium in Dresden

On Nov 8th 2018 we will present our whole portfolio of ESD packaging at the EOS/ESD manufacturing symposium in Dresden.
Froeb presents ESD packaging at the ESD symposium in Dresden
24. Sep 2018

01. Aug 2018