ESD - Antistatic packaging

We produce ESD packaging for safe, fast and custom-fit packaging of electrical components.

For the storage and shipping of electrical, electronic, optoelectronic and electrostatically sensitive components, we produce ESD packaging that protects these products from electrostatic discharge. This can prevent damage caused by discharges, which can lead to material changes and malfunctions or to the complete destruction of the component. We produce ESD packaging, for example, for printed circuit boards, high-frequency circuits, microelectronic components, diode lasers, light-emitting diodes, computer components, printed circuit boards, sensory measuring devices, screens or LEDs.

In addition to the production of antistatic standard packaging, we also produce the inlay for this in order to be able to pack and ship assemblies or printed circuit boards quickly and safely. For this purpose, we have developed foam connector systems and film connector systems that can be individually adapted to the product size and thus securely pack large numbers of electronic components using little material.

icon ESD cardboard boxes
ESD cardboard boxes
icon ESD compartments
ESD compartments
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ESD Meander Packaging
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ESD wrap packaging

ESD cardboard boxes

Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging

ESD packaging is conventionally made of plastic. However, cardboard packaging can also be used in the field of antistatic packaging. We manufacture ESD cardboard boxes from solid board and corrugated board, which have an antistatic effect with a special coating. This means that ESD cardboard packaging offers a genuine, environmentally friendly alternative to ESD packaging made of plastic, as it is just as effective in protecting against electrostatic discharges,

as plastic packaging and at the same time made of recycled material, which means they can easily be returned to the recycling loop. Antistatic cardboard packaging can also be reused as reusable packaging due to its stability. They can be supplemented with compartment inserts and foam elements and thus offer optimum protection for electronic components.

ESD box without cover
ESD Printed Circuit Board Single Packing
ESD-Karton Schaumgummi
ESD carto with foam
ESD carto with foam 2
ESD nap foam
ESD cardboard

Customized storage boxes

In addition to the production of standard antistatic packaging, we also produce individual packaging that is adapted to the product properties of the electronic components and assemblies as well as the area of application. In addition to shipping electronic components in ESD packaging, the ESD cardboard boxes can also be used as storage cardboard boxes. For example, we produce precisely fitting ESD storage boxes for storage lifts,

to make the most effective use of storage space. Antistatic cardboard boxes can also be produced at a much lower cost than carbon-fiber-coated plastic containers. With a complementary inlay of antistatic compartment inserts, even small products can be packed and stored quickly, space-savingly and clearly.

ESD warehouse lift
ESD storage boxes
Antistatic_ESD packaging

ESD compartments

ESD compartments made of solid board

Packaging with compartments, which are produced from solid board, are convincing in the areas of environmental protection and production costs. They are produced from recycled material with the addition of virgin fibers and are therefore environmentally friendly and conserve resources. They can be returned to the recycling loop at 100% and a major advantage is that they take up little space when folded, which is particularly noticeable when larger quantities are purchased. In addition, in contrast to compartments made of corrugated board, they are less dusty and therefore more suitable for electronic applications. They are preferably suitable for smaller compartments, as stability decreases with increasing size. No tooling is required for the production of solid board compartments, which means that no additional tooling costs are incurred even in the case of subsequent adaptations, and production costs can thus be kept low. The raw material is also cheaper than corrugated board or plastic.

Conclusion: ESD packaging with compartments made of solid board is suitable for small and medium-sized packages that are to be packaged in an environmentally friendly manner. They are space-saving and can be produced at low cost.
ESD of solid board

ESD compartments made of corrugated board

In addition to solid cardboard, corrugated cardboard is also used in the manufacture of ESD compartments. These are also made from recycled material with the addition of fresh fibers and are therefore also environmentally friendly and resource-saving. They are 100% recyclable.

Corrugated cardboard is also well suited for the use of larger packaging, as it is more stable than solid cardboard. One disadvantage, however, is that corrugated cardboard leads to greater dust pollution.

Corrugated cardboard compartments can also be manufactured without tools. However, productivity can be increased for larger purchase quantities using a punching tool.

Conclusion: ESD packaging with compartments made of corrugated cardboard is very versatile and is also suitable for larger packaging due to its stability. Products can be packaged in an environmentally friendly and economical way.
ESD compartments

ESD compartments made of plastic hollow chamber panels

The advantages of ESD packaging made of plastic are clearly in the areas of stability and weather resistance. Even large packages can be produced without affecting the stability. Due to the weather resistance, the packaging can also be used several times without any problems and can even be described as resource-saving in terms of reusability. In contrast to cardboard, plastic ESD packaging does not produce dust and is therefore very well suited for the electronics sector. However, the starting material is more expensive than solid or corrugated cardboard and the productivity of punching is lower, so that a tool is usually always required for production. Plastic ESD packaging is difficult to recycle and therefore less environmentally friendly.

Conclusion: ESD packaging with plastic compartments is also suitable for large packaging due to its stability. They are weather-resistant, low-dust and can be used several times without any problems.
ESD compartments made of plastic

ESD compartments made entirely of plastic

Plastic compartments made of solid material are also used in the electrical industry. These antistatic all-plastic compartments are particularly suitable for packaging and storing electronic components such as printed circuit boards, LEDs, etc. Because they are dust-free and weather-resistant, they can be used in clean rooms. These compartments made of solid plastic can also be easily reused and can save resources with frequent use and thus make a contribution to environmental protection, because they are difficult to recycle. The starting material is more expensive than cardboard and a tool is also required for production.

Conclusion: ESD packaging with compartments made of solid plastic is well suited for the clean room due to the fact that it is dust-free. They are weather-resistant and can very well be reused.
ESD compartments made entirely of plastic

Material properties of antistatic compartment inserts

Characteristics solid board corrugated board solid plastic plastic
space saving
space saving +++ + ++ +
environmentally friendly
environmentally friendly +++ ++ + +
conserving resources
conserving resources +++ +++ + ++
recyclable +++ +++ - -
weatherproof - - +++ ++
low dust
low dust + + +++ ++
cost-effective +++ ++ + +
stability + ++ ++ +++

Different materials can be used for the production of ESD packaging and suitable compartment inserts. The advantages and disadvantages of the individual raw materials should be matched to the future area of application of the packaging in order to be able to ensure the best possible protection of the products while guaranteeing environmental protection and economic efficiency.

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Meander packaging - ESD foil plug-in system

ESD Folienverpackung

In the case of meander packaging, ESD foils are glued in loops into ESD cardboard boxes, which serve as slots for electrical components. Meander packaging is particularly suitable for elongated and narrow components, since the smooth surface of the ESD film ensures that the components can “slide” quickly into the individual loops of the film. Nevertheless, the meander shape protects the components from "slipping out", since the loop shape counteracts this.

The advantage of meander packaging is that components of different lengths can be stowed in one packaging if the entire packaging has been lined with foil. When developing product-specific packaging, the packaging can be completely lined with ESD film and only partially used for reasons of resource conservation.

ESD Folienverpackung
ESD Folienverpackung
ESD Folienverpackung
ESD Folienverpackung
ESD Folienverpackung
ESD Folienverpackung
ESD Folienverpackung
ESD Folienverpackung

ESD wrap packaging

For fast and safe packaging of printed circuit boards, we have developed a special wrapping packaging system in which foam elements are glued to antistatic foils. This foam plug-in system is supplied in rolls and can be quickly adapted to the size of the printed circuit board to be packed with the aid of a simple packing device. Packages of printed circuit boards packed in this way can then be stored or transported easily and cost-effectively in standard transport containers. With this packing method, the amount of non-conductive plastics to be used can be reduced to a minimum, thus conserving resources and protecting the environment.

Advantages of wraparound packaging:

  • Fast packaging of circuit boards of all sizes and shapes
  • low use of materials
  • inexpensive packaging and storage

Product features:

  • Material: stratocell, antistatic, pink
  • Toothed strip: LxW 598mm x 32.5mm
  • Standard height of the slots: 50mm (special dimensions 10mm-60mm possible)
  • Number of slots: 37
  • Slot spacing: 10mm, deep slits: 12mm
ESD wrap packaging 5
ESD wrap packaging 4
ESD wrap packaging 5
ESD wrap packaging 5

ESD bearing sleeves for SMD paste stencils

Paste printing stencils are usually not shipped in ESD-compliant sleeves and are therefore not suitable for storage in EPA rooms. In addition, the packaging is usually made of materials that are prone to abrasion and thus there is a risk of contaminants getting onto the printing stencil. The storage sleeves we have developed are made of antistatic hollow-comb web plates with a fastening hook for storage in appropriate storage racks. Storage sleeves for Koenen printing stencils (555mm x 555mm) are available at short notice (other sizes on request). The test station set up for this purpose meets the requirements of IEC 61340-4-8. Corresponding test reports can be provided.

Tested quality of our ESD packaging according to DIN EN 61340-2-3

The packaging developed and produced by Froeb-Verpackungen GmbH for electronic devices, assemblies and printed circuit boards are tested for their conductivity according to the test method IEC 61340-2-3 (ANSI/ESD STM11.3 (a). At the customer's request, we also test the shielding effect of the packaging against electrostatic discharge. The test station set up for this purpose meets the requirements of IEC 61340-4-8. Corresponding test reports can be provided.