Packaging development & construction

In addition to the production of standard cardboard boxes, which can be used for shipping and storage, or as outer boxes, we also develop and design custom-fit product packaging and individual special packaging. In doing so, we pay attention to the resource-saving use of materials, which we select on the basis of the product-specific characteristics. The aim here is to be able to package the product safely, quickly and clearly.

For this purpose, we first create a test packaging in order to be able to test the functionality of the packaging and to carry out optimizations if necessary. The development and construction of a customer-specific packaging is a free service which we offer in order to convince our customers of the quality of our products. In the next step, this also includes the development of a packaging design or the implementation of an existing design on the free trial packaging.

Pattern product dispenser
Test package product dispenser
ready-for-sale product packaging
Pattern shelf packaging
Assembled test packaging
shelf ready packaging
Drawing packing
Staircase cardboard, cardboard staircase
Staircase cardboard, cardboard staircase

Inlays for product packaging

Special packaging usually consists of an outer carton and a suitable interior (inlay), in which the product can be placed so that it is not damaged and attractively presented when opened by the customer. The production of such an inlay is also part of the packaging design. For this we use different materials, such as solid and corrugated cardboard, plastic, foam, recyclable fleece or antistatic materials.

Inlay foam plug system
Inlay cardboard
Inlay ESD nap foam

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Konstruktion von Verkausständern

Display Stand & Product Dispenser

In addition to promoting new products, seasonal and special regional products, these display stands are also suitable for product ranges which are also sold outside the retail trade: Car care products at gas stations or garages, cleaning products, drinks and souvenirs in hospitality and the tourism industry. They are also suitable for product samples and promotional gifts, which are handed out at trade fairs and events, for example, or for bulk products. In the production of product dispensers, we follow the product-specific specifications and adapt the shape, size and design of the sales display to the products to be promoted.

We develop and produce cardboard sales stands and product dispensers. These are also called sales display, POS display (point-of-sale) or simply display. Behind this name are display stands, which are made in different sizes, serve as product dispensers. They can be placed on the floor, on an elevation or on a shelf. These sales displays are usually used to promote new or seasonal products. Since they are usually placed outside the usual sales shelves - preferably near the cash register (point of sale), they increase the customer's attention to the products to be advertised.

produktspender neon seitlich
Produktspender aus Pappe
Produktspender aus Pappe seitlich
Produktspender von hinten