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Polsterpack - Upholster paper, paper for cushioning

Our Upholster paper, also called protective paper or ball paper, is our universal product, which is used in many different applications in numerous companies. Discover Polsterpack also for your applications.

Padded pack protects, cushions and insulates. It is non-slip and absorbent. Polsterpack is the cost-effective alternative for many other packaging materials.

Polsterpack is made of 100% recycled paper and thus makes a real contribution to sustainability. Possible applications:

  • as a protective and cushioning intermediate layer in the porcelain industry
  • as anti-slip padded insert in the industry
  • as an absorbent dirt trap in the poultry industry and for cleaning work
  • As stuffing paper in shipping departments
  • As drip protection against paint during painting work

The special wet embossing gives the paper an amazingly good cushioning behaviour with high compression values. We produce in different grammages (110-300 g/m²) from 100% recycled paper and process cushioning pack according to your requirements into rolls, blanks, punched parts and much more. Other materials such as corrugated cardboard rolls, polystyrene or wood are usually much more expensive than Polster-Pack. With Polster-Pack you can reduce the storage volume by 50% compared to roll corrugated board. In the porcelain industry and in spare parts distribution, Polster-Pack is an ideal gap filler. We would be pleased to advise you on the possible applications of Polsterpack in your company.