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13. Jan 2019

Digital printing on packaging: Photo quality also for small quantities

Blogbeitrag Digitaldruck auf Verpackungen - Froeb-Verpackungen
First the packaging, then the product. And so attractive packaging is becoming more and more important, even with lower production figures. Because the first impression also counts here. This applies not only when new products are launched on the market, but also when a product is to be given new attention.

Packaging can also be printed in photo quality by modern printers in the digital printing process . With an appealing design and communication, the packaging of a product leaves a lasting impression, which also affects the actual product.
The advantages of digital printing lie in the fact that economical printing is also possible with short runs. In addition, smaller print products can also be produced in brilliant, colourful and detailed quality. A few production steps shorten the production time compared to other printing processes and the use of water-based printing inks makes it possible to produce packaging in a more environmentally friendly way. It is also possible to print on different materials (such as paper, cardboard and wood). In personalised direct marketing, digital printing enables flexible and inexpensive production through changeable print templates. Pre-printed editions can be produced at low cost for testing purposes.

Advantages of digital printing at a glance

economical printing for short runs
also smaller printed matter in brilliant, colourful and detailed quality
Shorter production time due to fewer production steps
more environmentally friendly through the use of water-based inks
Printing on different materials possible
flexible and inexpensive for personalized direct marketing
favourable production of preliminary editions for testing possible

But it is not only through the use of water-based inks that digital printing can produce ecologically and sustainably. This is because the production of printing plates, as required in offset printing, is completely eliminated. And the printing systems with optimized ink consumption and higher-quality printing inks also make it possible to produce modern packaging in a more environmentally friendly way.

Testdruckbild bei Digitaldruck auf Verpackungen - Froeb-Verpackungen