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Antistatic packaging - ESD

Secure, quick and accurately fitting packaging of electronic components

We do not only craft antistatic packaging for you, we even produce the fitting inlay, so your components or lead frames can be packed and shipped both speedy and safe. For space-saving packing of serial conductor boards we offer interlayers supplied with plug and socket foam material. So your serial conductor boards will be «wrapped» safely. For LED-straps or slim conductor boards we offer inlays made of bubble wrap, within which component parts can easily be sticked in. Due to the bubble-wrap’s loop-shape the component parts are pulled to the packaging bottom. Drop outs will be prevented. This kind of packaging’s advantage is extremely fast to wrap.

Special soft inlays for space-saving packaging and transport of electrical components (especially printed circuit boards in higher quantities), in antistatic cardboard boxes. Also available with several inlays. Material: Stratocell, antistatic, pink | Toothed strip: LxW 598mm x 32,5mm, height of slots in standard: 50mm (special dimensions 10mm-60mm possible), number of slots: 37; distance between slots: 10mm, deep slots: 12mm

Customized storage cartons and compartments

Custom-fit ESD storage cardboard boxes for storage lifts to make the most effective use of storage space. The advantage of using cardboard boxes is that it is much cheaper compared to using carbon fiber coated plastic containers.

Electrical components are extremely sensitive to electrical impulses. Standard storage containers can become electrostatically charged due to friction. If these discharge via an electrical assembly, the assembly or individual components thereof may be damaged. Therefore, these parts should be stored in storage containers that cannot become electrically charged. This is ensured by providing the surface of these storage containers, in our case cardboard boxes, with an electrically conductive grid which dissipates electrical charges.

We manufacture ESD cardboard boxes and compartments according to the special requirements resulting from the area of application. Different materials are used to ensure the best possible protection of the products while guaranteeing environmental protection and economic efficiency. Size of compartments as well as number of compartments, stability of side walls can be flexibly adjusted.

ESD adhesive tape - electrically conductive


  • good adhesive strength
  • good resistance to moisture and weathering
  • heat resistant - short-term up to approx. + 60°C
  • silicone-free
  • electrostatically dissipative according to IEC 61340-2-3
    (1 x 10 high 5 Ohm - < 1 x 10 high 11 Ohm)

ESD Solid Board Trays - Low Dust & Environmentally Friendly

In addition to producing ESD compartments from corrugated board, we also produce them from solid board. These solid cardboard compartments are less dusty and are therefore even more suitable for use in the electronic sector. Depending on the design, they only require a small amount of material, thus conserving resources. These environmentally friendly ESD cardboard compartments can be supplied loose or pre-assembled. Due to the interlocking of the individual cardboard strips, which are simply pulled apart before use, they can be shipped and stored in a very space-saving manner.

ESD Solid board 7
ESD Solid board 8
ESD Solid board 4
ESD Solid board 5
ESD Solid board 9
ESD Solid board 6
ESD Vollpappe 3
ESD Vollpappe 10

ESD storage sleeves for SMD paste print stencils

Paste printing stencils are usually not shipped in ESD-compliant cases and are therefore not suitable for storage in EPA rooms. In addition, the packaging is usually made of materials that have a tendency to abrasion and thus there is a risk that impurities can get onto the stencil. The storage sleeves developed by Froeb-Verpackungen consist of antistatic hollow chamber web plates with a fastening hook for storage in appropriate storage racks. Storage shelves for printing stencils from Koenen (555mm x 555mm) are available at short notice. Other sizes on request. The test station set up for this purpose meets the requirements of IEC 61340-4-8. Corresponding test protocols can be provided.

Tested quality of our ESD packaging according to DIN EN 61340-2-3

The packages for electronic devices, assemblies and printed circuit boards developed and produced by Froeb-Verpackungen GmbH are tested for their discharge capacity according to the test method IEC 61340-2-3 (ANSI/ESD STM11.3 (a). On customer request we also test the shielding effect of the packaging against electrostatic discharge. The test station set up for this purpose meets the requirements of IEC 61340-4-8. Appropriate test reports can be provided.

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