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Antistatic packaging - ESD

Secure, quick and accurately fitting packaging of electronic components

We do not only craft antistatic packaging for you, we even produce the fitting inlay, so your components or lead frames can be packed and shipped both speedy and safe. For space-saving packing of serial conductor boards we offer interlayers supplied with plug and socket foam material. So your serial conductor boards will be «wrapped» safely. For LED-straps or slim conductor boards we offer inlays made of bubble wrap, within which component parts can easily be sticked in. Due to the bubble-wrap’s loop-shape the component parts are pulled to the packaging bottom. Drop outs will be prevented. This kind of packaging’s advantage is extremely fast to wrap.

We are able to manufacture special soft inlays for space-saving packing and transportation of electronic components in antistatic boxes, also with several shelves, for you.

Custom-made storage cartons and compartments

Precisely fitting for storage lifts to make the storage areas as effective as possible. This Type of storage's advantage: It is less expensive than plastic containers coated with carbon fibre.

Electrical components are extremely sensitive to electrical impulses. Normal storage containers could become charged, as with a capacitor. If they discharge via an electrical assembly, this or individual components can be damaged. They must therefore be stored in storage containers that cannot be electrically charged. This is ensured by providing the surface of these storage containers, in our case corrugated boxes, with an electrically conductive grid which dissipates electrical charges.

We always manufacture the perfect fitting solution for you - feel free to contact us.

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